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Police shoot and kill armed suspect; RBPF fails to report it

Police officers shot and killed an alleged gun-toting suspect in the Windsor Park area last night but failed to report the fatal shooting to the public.

Witnesses tell the Gallery that three police officers visited the area after 7:30pm Friday in response to a tip from the public on the whereabouts of a shooting suspect.

When officers pulled up, they spotted the suspect who was allegedly armed, pulled out a gun and aimed it in the direction of police. The officers shot the man, who was transported to hospital. However, doctors couldn’t save him and he died around 9pm.

A gun and several rounds of ammunition were found on the scene.

24 hours later, police have not reported this fatal shooting to the public. In fact, police did not issue their daily crime report at all today. Is the senior command of the Royal Bahamas Police Force being secretive about this incident?

It is the second police-involved shooting in one week.

Last week Saturday, officers were on routine patrol on Collins Avenue and Six Terrace around midnight when they were stopped by a man who informed them that he was robbed at gunpoint by a group of four to five males who ran towards East Avenue.

The officers proceeded to the area and observed a group of males gathered in the street.

Upon seeing the police, the suspects ran and the officers pursued them. One of the officers observed when one of the suspects brandished an object believed to be a firearm.

The officer shot one of the males as the others escaped. The injured suspect was transported to hospital in stable condition.

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