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Police officer transferred after court party video

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Officer in charge of cell blocks ASP Douglas has been transferred and Magistrates Court staff got called onto the carpet and were grilled today by Chief Justice Brian Moree after they were caught turning up in a raunchy video.

The video shows employees twerking to reggae music inside the court complex on Nassau Street. They weren’t wearing masks and definitely didn’t keep six feet apart.

Moree has warned employees he will inform them of his decision tomorrow as they investigate who gave employees permission to hold a party on the premises.

“The scenes shown on the video do not reflect the standards and professionalism of the members of the court staff in discharging their duties to the public,” Moree and Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt said in a joint statement.

“In response to this, we wish to advise that an internal inquiry into this incident has been launched to determine what actually occurred in the Magistrates Court building and the facts and circumstances surrounding the events, which are partially captured on the video.”

“Appropriate action will be taken in line with the conclusion of the inquiry.”

A new police officer assumed duty at the Magistrates Court today.

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