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Police issue wanted poster for dead man

The Royal Bahamas Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for 42-year-old Ricardo Moss, whom they say is wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. However, the problem with that is Moss was murdered six years ago.

The Fox Hill man, who has two sons and four daughters, was shot and killed in 2014 and was buried on October 18 of that year.

Moss was 36 years old when he died.

He was sitting at Gray’s Terrace off Bernard Road with a woman and two other men at a local business when a gunman opened fire on them around 10pm.

Moss was fatally shot in the head, the woman in her thigh, a second man was shot in his leg and the third man, believed to be Carlos Lamm, a former PLP election campaign manager, was shot in his stomach, requiring surgery on Sunday.

Despite his unfortunate death, police on Wednesday evening, urged members of the public to contact them immediately if they come across Moss, who was known by friends and loved ones as “Cardy.”

His distraught family members know exactly where Moss is, the Coke Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery on Bernard Road.

Six years after his murder, Moss’ family is heartbroken and angry that police would fail to do their due diligence and circulate the wanted poster of a deceased man whose death they supposedly investigated.

They say this huge blunder has compounded their grief and they urged police to apologize.

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