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Police bust patrons at packed strip club

Hundreds of patrons at Charms Reloaded strip club in Centreville went running for the hills on Tuesday night when several heavily armed police officers showed up in Covid Unit cars at the club and shut it down.

However, some of them weren’t fast enough to get away before police fined them for attending a social gathering and not wearing a mask.

Police got a tip that the club, located next to Donald’s Furniture, was in full swing with over 100 patrons not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

When partygoers saw the red and blue police car lights flashing outside, they broke off running to avoid being fined and ran into the streets into oncoming traffic.

Patrons were drinking at the bar and dancing when more than 10 officers showed up.

The club was empty within minutes after police forced all remaining partygoers to leave the establishment and demanded that club employees produce their government-issued identification.

“Everyone who works here, could you produce your ID please?” one female officer shouted.

Those employees were issued citations.

Emergency orders strictly prohibit social gatherings and in-door dining. However, patrons were partying as if the country is not in the grips of a vicious pandemic that has infected over 7,100 Bahamians and killed more than 130 people.

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