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Police booking drivers with unlicensed vehicles

Dozens of police officers are out and about on the streets of New Providence ticketing motorists driving around in unlicensed vehicles.

On John F. Kennedy Drive, dozens of drivers lined the side of the road near Westridge this morning as traffic officers on motorbikes pulled them over and wrote them up.

By this evening, officers were on several major intersections, booking drivers between Prince Charles Drive and Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.

The move caught many drivers by surprise as the government suspended the vehicle licensing requirement in April after 24-hour curfews and weekend lockdowns were imposed.

With national unemployment expected to reach 40 percent and hotels announcing staff reductions this month, some people may not be able to afford to pay for license renewals or a traffic ticket, for that matter.

The suspension of vehicle licensing renewals applied to licenses that expired during the state of emergency, which started on March 17.

According to the order, dated April 16, 2020, the waiver would continue for 60 days after the state of emergency.

It also noted that “the obligation to pay any insurance premium under any policy of insurance”, including group, general, health and life insurance, is deferred for the duration of the state of emergency.

Before restrictions were relaxed, thousands of motorists were unable to complete their vehicle registration after the government implemented a 24-hour curfew.

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