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PMH mixing coronavirus patients with regular patients

Staff members of Princess Margaret Hospital are coming forward to speak out on the horrible working conditions and the poor management of the Coronavirus at Princess Margaret Hospital, which is said to be mixing COVID-19 patients with persons seeking treatment for other illnesses. One employee gives a firsthand account of the frightening conditions, which will make you think twice about going to PMH.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been no real change at PMH to facilitate proper and safe care of patients.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has concluded that the public is responsible for the rapid spread of the coronavirus, when it is this very institution as many essential workers contracted the virus and carried it into their communities.

Seven months into the COVID battle, there is no negative pressure ventilation throughout the hospital. The same air conditioning is throughout the hospital when negative pressure is recommended to manage these cases.

Coronavirus patients are mixed with the general public daily, as there is no real management of the cases.

About six or more positive cases are at the main entrance of the hospital not in isolation just sitting or lying in the open on the ‘porch’. This is the area where the public is triaged for Accident and Emergency.

There are numerous cases in Accident and Emergency daily and they mix among the general public as they have no space or accommodations for them.

There is no proper system in place as there should be a separate unit for anyone presenting with covid-related symptoms, comprising of separate X-ray machines and separate registration.

However, this is not the case. All positive patients use the same facilities as the regular patients.

The Prime Minister blames the spread of COVID-19 on social gatherings when it’s this very institution that has infected and miscounted individuals. If a person tests positive today and they go for another test in two weeks they are added to the count once again as a new case, hence the large numbers.

There is no real contact tracing being done.

The air conditioning isn’t working.

There are no break rooms for staff.

Staff cannot take vacation at this time.

They also want to implement a shift change for nurses that will further cause burnout.

There is no real sanitization, the cleaning companies still sweep and mop, there are no steam or extreme chemicals to kill the virus.

It is time for a change. This is what healthcare workers have been dealing with for years but the virus just made a bad situation worse.

We are tired.

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