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PMH Doctor tests positive, several others in quarantine

A doctor at Princess Margaret Hospital has tested positive for coronavirus and as many as 50 nurses are in quarantine as doctors and nurses express fear over a lack of sufficient Protective Personal Equipment (PPEs) to protect the men and women on the frontline of the covid-19 battle.

On Grand Bahama, the clinic in Eight Mile Rock was also shut down after a doctor there tested positive.

Healthcare professionals went into quarantine after possibly being exposed to the virus on several PMH wards, which have been shut down as the number of Covid-19 cases increase exponentially.

The country is expected to surpass 500 confirmed coronavirus cases today.

More than 200 healthcare workers in the public healthcare system were in quarantine in April and that was when the country had far less coronavirus cases.

In the face of this crisis unfolding within PMH, the Public Hospitals Authority has been eerily silent, offering no comment when asked to respond to concerns raised by doctors and nurses.

Healthcare professionals are also frustrated that their cries have largely been ignored by the Competent Authority, who is also a medical doctor.

They fear if the current situation continues, the public healthcare system will collapse.

Sick Bahamians are also afraid to go to the hospital for medical treatment out of fear they may go into the hospital with a minor ailment and leave PMH with Covid-19.

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