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PM Minnis double crosses his deputy Peter

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis threw his own deputy Peter Turnquest under the political bus and informed him the Free National Movement will not be running him as a candidate in the next election.

Though Turnquest stuck by Minnis when six FNM MPs wrote to the Governor General and had him ousted as opposition leader in 2016, Minnis did Turnquest dirty by unleashing his tabloid attack dog, The Punch on the FNM deputy leader and spreading vicious rumors about the East Grand Bahama MP amid reports of a multi-million dollar bogus loan scam allegedly involving Turnquest and Sky Bahamas.

Turnquest confirmed the news to his colleagues in a letter.

“Colleagues, by now you would have no doubt heard the report that I have been advised by the party leader that I will not receive the nomination for East Grand Bahama.”

“I assume that Council will give final confirmation or otherwise on that decision at its next sitting.”

“With that position having been put, I will not join you tomorrow and have put all campaign activities on hold. Wishing you all the very best of events,” Turnquest said.

With friends like Hubert Minnis who needs enemies?

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