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PLP leader salutes Bahamian workers

In the absence of the annual Labour Day march, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis commemorated this day by laying a wreath on the grave of Labour warrior and politician Sir Randol Fawkes. He was joined by leaders of the trade union movement.

Davis said he continues to develop a deeper appreciation for Bahamian workers.

“Against extraordinary odds, resistance and with an indomitable spirit, the labour movement never waivered in its pursuit of justice and in the process, they built this modern Bahamas we love, cherish and enjoy today while securing some significant hard fought rights,” according to Davis.

“I salute those many brave and unsung heroes who stood in the vanguard of change; on a platform of equality and fairness in the workplace; and who insisted that there is dignity in work while demanding respect for their services,” he added.

The Opposition leader also paid tribute to the four workers who lost their lives tragically during the 2018 Labour Day parade.

Davis said the Labour Movement needs a government that is a partner with shared vision and values and common goals for a great Bahamas and renewed his call for a new and modern Memorandum of Understanding with labour unions that speaks to contemporary issues including a provision for standardized livable wages and executing mechanisms designed to address the unacceptably high rate of youth unemployment.

“This government has shown itself to be a bad regulator and a bad employer, admitting that its policies have caused an increase in joblessness and by extension, job security,” according to Davis.

Davis added that healthcare professionals, who “demonstrated uncommon courage and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic”, should not have to take to the streets and be dragged through the courts for earned benefits and just compensation that the government refuses to this day to honor.

He called on the government to move with haste and resolve all outstanding labour issues.

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