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Pilot accused of COVID-19 travel breach

A pilot is facing prosecution for allegedly breaking travel rules.

Yet, police failed to act when six politically-connected permanent residents breached travel rules.

Captain Theodore Thompson, the CEO of Blessed Aviation Charter, was ticketed on November 23, 2020 for failing to present a negative PCR test when he arrived at Jet Aviation.

The test must be taken up to five days prior to arrival and the result must show the name of the facility where the test occurred.

Thompson, 34, of South Ocean Estates, was due to appear before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on Thursday to answer the charge of violation of domestic travel rules but he was a no-show.

The magistrate issued an arrest warrant after the prosecutor confirmed that Thompson didn’t pay his ticket.

While Thompson is facing the consequences of his alleged breach, six permanent residents were allowed to break international travel rules in April 2020 after bribing Health Minister Dr Duane Sands with 2,500 COVID-19 testing swabs.

Those permanent residents entered the country while the border was closed to Bahamians.

What’s worse, they disembarked without presenting negative PCR tests.

They were tested after the news of the breach broke and were allowed to self-quarantine at home.

Sands later resigned but was not otherwise held accountable for his illegal actions.

It’s the people’s time for the rich, powerful and connected.

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