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Passengers in Exuma boat crash speak out

The father of two people injured in a boating accident in Exuma on Saturday night is speaking out and slamming the "fake news" being spread on social media about the incident.

Five males and three females were injured in Exuma on Saturday when a boat crashed into a reef in the area of Buck Cay.

The vessel was carrying 19 passengers and had three crew members when it hit a reef, injuring eight people and was partially submerged in water.

Since then, photos and videos have emerged on social media of passenger DJ Davis, whom online trolls claim was the captain of the boat when it crashed. However, his father Dwayne Davis Sr. slammed this "inaccurate" claim and denied reports that his son's tour company Bayshore was associated with the accident. The boat involved is reportedly owned by another company.

"These are all inaccurate and very sad," said Davis who added," What you see is a young man and his friends having fun before a tragic accident."

Davis insisted that his son, DJ, and his daughter, Madi, were actually passengers on the boat when it hit a reef. The Davis siblings were among eight people injured, rescued by boaters and transported to a clinic on Exuma. Police reported that none of the passengers sustained life-threatening injuries.

Madi was flown to New Providence and treated at Doctors Hospital for her injuries.

"She is home and resting with no major injuries," according to Davis, who also revealed that his son had "minor cuts".

Police officers from the George Town Police Station were seen visiting the site of the boating accident and the clinic where the injured persons were taken.

An investigation has been launched to determine what caused the unfortunate accident.

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