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Our News reporters dropping like flies

Our News is hemorrhaging talent to the new Davis Administration and it’s competitors are smelling blood in the water.

Anchorman Kyle Walkine walked out of the door last month to head up Fred Mitchell’s public affairs arm in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Walkine’s resignation was a shock to Our News, which recently lost Gillian Gray to the Clint Watson-led team at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Gray is a public affairs officer and stands in for Watson at weekly briefings when he is traveling with Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis.

Georgo Bain also fled the news field to work alongside Clay Sweeting in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The reporters couldn’t wait for the government to change to advance their careers as they were not advancing in their old jobs.

Our News rehired anchor Jared Higgs, who announced his return in a bigger position.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to deliver accurate, important news in a timely fashion,” Higgs said in a social media post.

Meghan Shephard from

ZNS Northern Service was also hired and was seen anchoring news over the weekend.

While Our News is trying to find more staff to replace the popular journalists it lost, Eyewitness News is taking on more young reporters and branding itself as the “leader in broadcast and online news”.

ZNS is also looking to revamp with old boss Andrew Burrows returning to steer the sinking ship after wildly unpopular news chief Beverly Curry was thrown overboard.

Curry is now back to creating current affairs programs.

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