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Orphaned high school student jailed for days over curfew breach

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

High School student Deon Duverny learned the hard way that it’s not the people’s time.

The 18-year-old is still traumatized from his week-long stay at the Department of Correctional Services for breaking a curfew that some legal experts say is illegal.

Police arrested Duverny on August 10 in the Cowpen Road area for breach of curfew and kept him in custody until his court appearance on August 12.

He pleaded guilty and Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes fined him $500 or three months in prison.

Duverny lost his freedom because he was too poor to pay.

Yet, the same magistrate dismissed the case against three American tourists who boasted on TV about sunbathing on a beach ordered closed by the competent authority.

Thankfully, a coalition of lawyers learned of his plight and paid his fine today, resulting in his release.

Duverny, whose parents are dead, is still traumatized by his stay at the prison.

Attorney Claude Hanna said Duverny’s case was one of the many cases where the regulations are disproportionately affecting the poor.

Mr Hanna, Bjorn Ferguson, Damian White and other attorneys have set up a fund to help others in the same situation.

Had the coalition not learned about the unfortunate situation, the 12th grader would have missed the opening of the school year.

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