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Opposition PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis fielding questions from the media Tuesday following his weekly press conference, responded to concerns surrounding Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ decision to close beaches for the upcoming Independence holiday weekend.

The Prime Minister made that announcement in Monday’s sitting of the House and noted that beaches on New Providence – including those on Paradise Island – and those on Grand Bahama will be closed from 10pm Thursday, July 9th to 5am Monday, July 13th. As has come to be expected he gave no reason for his decision.

The announcement sparked outrage and many questions from Bahamians on social media, particularly going to the beach on Independence Day holiday is for many a Bahamian tradition.

Davis too questioned the decision, noting that science did not appear to play a factor in the decision making process. Pondering whether there was concern about possible spread of COVID-19, Davis pointed out that the beaches are open now, so he doesn’t see why they can't be next weekend. He said the simple solution would have been to ensure that the established health and safety protocols were being adhered to, as presently being done.

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