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New Parliamentary Commissioner as Minnis readies for early election

As Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis prepares to call an early general election in 2021, the Ministry of National Security has appointed Lavado Duncanson to oversee the upcoming election as Acting Parliamentary Commissioner in the Parliamentary Registration Department.

His appointment took effect December 23, 2020.

FNM insiders tell the Gallery that Minnis is hoping to call an early election before he raises taxes and cuts public service jobs to decrease burgeoning government debt.

Minnis, who has lost significant political capital since the 2017 vote, is also hoping to catch the opposition Progressive Liberal Party off-guard.

By bringing forth legislation for a permanent voter register, Minnis can call a snap election without worrying about tens of thousands of Bahamians queuing up in long lines to register to vote during the coronavirus pandemic.

Minnis moved the old Parliamentary Commissioner to another government agency and replaced him with Duncanson who served as Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister where he headed the Land Unit.

He was also head of the Labour Relations, Government Office Accommodations Unit and Small Business Centre in the Ministry of Public Service & National Insurance and Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture, respectively.

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