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New NIB director hooking up friends with key positions

New Director of the National Insurance Board James Moss hasn’t been on the job for a month and is already using his influence to hire his friends in key positions at NIB.

Moss, who held management positions at Deltec Fund Services Limited, Deltec Securities Limited and Deltec Bank & Trust Limited, has hired his friend and former colleague Damian Forbes as Deputy Director of Investments and Compliance.

Forbes is a staunch supporter of the Free National Movement. Before joining NIB, he served as Investment Portfolio Manager at Deltec Bank & Trust Ltd, where he and Moss were coworkers.

Will Forbes now hire some of his old buddies from Deltec to work under him?

His new appointment raises concerns about additional political appointments at NIB while longtime employees remain tethered to their same old positions with no raises or promotions.

NIB has become the dumping ground for FNM supporters in need of employment.

FNM Chairman Carl Culmer’s wife Sheena went from serving as a junior clerk doing filing and data entry in the Treasury Department to being hired as a Human Resources Consultant at NIB along with Sigrid Bain.

Last year, FNM Torchbearers Youth Association member Gabrielle Mckenzie scored a high-paying consultancy job in the office of the NIB director.

Though NIB appears to have enough money to pay these high salaries, National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle wants Bahamians to pay higher contributions each money to prevent the social security fund from drying up.

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