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New Acting DPP sworn in, Gaskin sent on leave

Franklyn Williams QC received his instrument of appointment as acting DPP today, confirming an exclusive article by The Gallery.

Williams served as the Director of Legal Affairs prior to the appointment.

He will act as DPP while Garvin Gaskin, the substantive post holder, is on seven months vacation.

The end of Gaskin’s vacation coincides with the expiration of his contract, which is not expected to be renewed.

Gaskins has already moved his belongings out of the office.

Gaskin was unpopular as DPP and many prosecutors quit or requested transfers to other government agencies because they were unhappy with his leadership.

As a result, the DPP’s Office had a severe shortage of prosecutors.

Now that Gaskin is gone, many former prosecutors are eager to return because Williams is easier to work with.

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