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Netflix raises prices again

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The streaming media company is raising their prices once again. The standard plan is being raised by $1 to $14 a month and the premium plan is being raised by $2 to a whopping $18 a month. The basic plan remains at $9.

The new price change is effective immediately for new subscribers and those already subscribed can expect to see the price change in effect over the next few months.

The price change doesn't come as a surprise seeing that Netflix has been in a 13 billion dollar debt for quite some time and has not made a profit since 2015.

13 billion dollars? That's more money than Oprah is worth.

The company spends billions every year to provide new content and make their original series we have come to love.

There has been talk that they will start using ads in their tv show to make money. But one thing is for sure, Netflix cannot survive on subscriber fees alone.

Hopefully, for Bahamian's sake, Netflix doesn't go bankrupt and we can continue to watch the shows we love.

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