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Bahamian Twitter has proclaimed "The Grand Abacos" as an independent state

After several debates with Nassauvians and the government over the treatment of the out islands, Grand Bahama and Abaco Twitter has had enough. The final straw was the government releasing an all-clear for Hurricane Isiaias when Grand Bahamas was still experiencing hurricane conditions. Bahamian twitter has decided to separate the islands from the Bahamas and make their own state called, The Grand Abacos.

Check out the tweets that laid the foundation for the new island state. 😂

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Feb 10, 2022

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Tresia Biagi
Tresia Biagi
Aug 22, 2020


So By becoming independent How does that make you fell? Do you feel that you are better than the human race or it makes you more superior than others? There is more important issues in this world to focus on then trying to be exclusive. You all are focusing on the wrong issues.

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