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Musician, pro golfer Jim Duncombe dies

Legendary musician and professional golfer Jim Duncombe died on Sunday evening after being re-admitted to hospital with health issues.

Dubbed the “Swing Doctor”, Duncombe was one of the Bahamas’ best pro golfers and coaches, training the next generation of Bahamian golfers at the driving range at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre for more than a decade.

He started off representing The Bahamas as one of its best amateur golfers before going pro. He also spent a great portion of his career as a pro at the Paradise Island Golf Club.

In addition to his phenomenal golf swing, Duncombe’s “golden voice” entranced fans of the legendary King Eric and his Knights, which he was a member of.

In the 1970s, King Eric and his Knights performed at West Bay Street just west of what is now known as Arawak Cay.

As a drummer and a singer, he won many awards earning the respect of musicians both locally and abroad, including Toronto where the group performed on many occasions.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

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