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Murder on East Street South

The Gallery is on the scene of a murder that happened moments ago on East Street South near Nicole’s Beauty Supply Store.

The killer went on the attack right before the 10pm curfew.

Police have just arrived and are securing the scene.

Friday night’s murder comes hours after an older woman was butchered to death on Shabbach Close and her daughter’s throat was cut. The daughter was bleeding out as she ran to neighbors for help. She is now clinging to life. Her attacker then tried to stab the next door neighbor as he tried to stem the flow of blood until paramedics arrived on the scene.

On Thursday, Alfred “Halfman” Bastian Jr was shot and killed on Cooper’s Terrace off Kemp Road.

Despite this week’s carnage, National Security Minister Marvin Dames boasted today that crime is down.

Further details to follow.

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