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MP accused of battering estranged wife

The Gallery can reveal why Central Eleuthera MP Hank Johnson was beaten up by his brother-in-law this morning.

Mrs Johnson’s pastor brother literally lost his religion after his sister told him that her estranged husband had beaten her up.

The pastor at a Seventh Day Adventist church broke his Sabbath to pummel Johnson around 8am.

He pounced as Johnson was about to get into his SUV after spending the night at his sweetheart’s place in Coral Harbour. She also hails from Eleuthera.

The incident disrupted the usual tranquility of the area.

Johnson has reportedly filed a complaint against his brother-in-law.

But Mrs Johnson has filed a cross-complaint against her cheating and allegedly abusive husband.

Now, get this: the wife says she has photos of the injuries she sustained at the hands of her husband.

It remains to be seen if the MP’s political ties will protect him from arrest.

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