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Minnis threatens Bahamasair pay cuts but gives Travis high paying job

The government will consider pay cuts for Bahamasair staff who have nothing to do as many aircraft just sit on the tarmac, amid a massive drop in flights, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Was he thinking about saving the Public Treasury money as he reinstated Bain Town MP Travis Robinson as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism?

That high paying job comes with an annual salary of $45,000 in addition to $3,000 duty allowance, a car and free fuel. All of that is on top of his MP’s salary of $28,000 plus $30,000 to run his constituency office, $100,000 for projects in his constituency and health insurance.

Minnis also made no mention of cutting MPs’ or his cabinet ministers’ salaries and let’s be honest, some of them haven’t done a hard day’s work since they got elected.

Yet, Minnis wants to cut the pay of Bahamasair staff.

“Should we pay them a percentage of their pay, say 70 percent, and defer the other 30 percent until things change?” Minnis asked.

“At some point in time we would have to make that decision whether we follow what’s happening around the world in mass layoffs, and I have a problem with that, as opposed to reducing individuals salary, deferring a portion of their salary until the pandemic is resolved and the economy starts to grow,” Minnis added.

Minnis told parliament that the nation must always come first and as politicians they must make difficult decisions.

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