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Minnis shutting down beaches this holiday weekend

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Bahamians and tourists won’t be soaking up some sun or splashing around on the beach this Independence holiday weekend. Public beaches haven’t been open a solid week and they’re being closed again.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced in the House of Assembly this evening that beaches on New Providence and Grand Bahama will shut down again from Thursday evening to Monday morning.

One person wrote on Facebook, “He’s enjoying playing the Emperor.”

Another angry local posted : “So let me get this straight...we're trying to encourage tourists to come back to Grand Bahama and Nassau and now not only are you not allowing the tours and attractions to open but you're closing the beaches on them too? Great job Minnis!!!!!”

Another angry Bahamian called on the Opposition to take a stand, “Total power trip now. The Opposition needs to strongly oppose this dictatorship that has developed.”

The outrage continued: “This is one bitter spiteful Prime minister we have unfortunately who isn’t used to power! Whats the medical evidence to close all beaches?”

This announcement comes six days after borders reopened to tourists, who have been complaining that this is not the Bahamas they have grown to love and there is nothing to do with many attractions and major hotels still closed and a nightly curfew in effect from 10pm to 5am.

Before beaches reopened on June 29, Minnis threatened Bahamians - like bad children - that if they failed to adhere to his rules of no beach parties and no more than five people per grouping, he would punish the public by closing beaches during the upcoming holiday weekend.

After months of sacrifices to curb the spread of the coronavirus, not only will Bahamians have to settle for virtual Independence celebrations this year, now they can’t even go and chill out on the beach to celebrate the country’s 47th anniversary of independence.

The Competent Authority - often referred to by his critics as the Incompetent Authority - strikes again, easing some restrictions and putting in place new ones as he sees fit.

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