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Minnis lying about No COVID on Grand Cay

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Grand Cay residents are calling out Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis for lying to Bahamians by declaring that Grand Cay has no Covid-19 cases during his visit to the cay over the weekend.

“I want everyone to know that I explained to Grand Cay that there is no covid over here and we want to maintain that status quo and as soon as the vaccine come out, we will be in Grand Cay to ensure that everybody receives proper vaccine and we keep this island covid free,” Minnis said.

However, Grand Cay residents tell the Gallery that Minnis is talking fool. They say a number of people on the cay have displayed symptoms consistent with covid-19 in recent weeks but they did not have access to covid testing to confirm their suspicions that they were infected.

Wendell Saunders, a resident of Grand Cay, told the Gallery he was laid up in bed with coronavirus symptoms but could not get tested.

“How could we get a Covid report in Grand Cay when the government doesn’t care enough about the community of Grand Cay to send anyone here to do some testing?” Saunders asked.

“We have many covid [cases] here in Grand Cay,” he added.

Saunders said a number of residents complained to him about experiencing virus symptoms with one resident confined to bed for two weeks with severe symptoms. However, he said none of them were ever tested and waited for the symptoms to eventually subside.

Over the last three weeks, the government has boasted of a rapid decline in Covid-19 cases but observers have questioned if this is linked to a decline in covid testing.

Several people, who feared they had COVID, complained of either having difficulties getting tested or getting their results back in a timely fashion.

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