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Minnis extends his powers for two months

The Minnis Administration has extended the state of emergency for a two-month period, ending on September 30, to enable the government “to act quickly and decisively”, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who addressed Parliament this morning.

“When flare-ups happen we have to reimpose restrictions,” said Minnis who said they have to move with the most aggressive response, like lockdowns, if the “flare-up” of cases is dire.

“The pandemic is still going on and the country needs these measures to act quickly”, according to Minnis, who said the government may have to make decisions at any time because the virus is widespread.

“This is an emergency and anyone who says otherwise is delusional,” Minnis continued.

He added the emergency has lasted months and will last many more months.

After Minnis imposed a two-week lockdown on Grand Bahama, he said the Civil Aviation Department reported an irregular amount of flights coming out of the island before its borders closed to domestic and international commercial travel.

Minnis said one airline doubled the number of flights it usually offered out of Grand Bahama while Bahamasair operated two jets to accommodate the “excess load”.

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