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Minnis doesn’t have time to talk about Duane Sands

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis doesn't have time to talk about why he accepted the resignation of Dr. Duane Sands during the coronavirus pandemic.

During a live press conference to announce new eased Covid-19 restrictions on Thursday, a young and promising reporter asked Minnis why he accepted Sands' resignation during a global health crisis, what the breach in protocol was and why Aviation Minister Dionisio D' Aguilar was not reprimanded after he admitted to being involved in the matter.

Minnis was not here for any questions about Dr. Duane Sands who was a far better Minister of Health than he ever was and will ever be.

"Dr. Duane Sands submitted his letter of resignation publicly. This matter has been discussed and debated extensively, um, in the public domain and at this "PAR-TICK-U-LARRRR" point in time, we are more concerned with dealing with the covid pandemic, getting our economy running again, ensuring that people get their jobs back, ensuring that people have, um, food on the table and we, um um, increase our employment status that we see today. I wish him well in his, um, in his private sector role.Thank you," said Minnis.

The reporter replied, "I didn't feel like you said exactly why you accepted his resignation, Mr. Prime Minister, but I will move on to my other question." BAM!

In other words, Minnis did not want to publicly admit that he secretly dislikes Dr. Sands, who made up one half of the Butler and Sands leadership team at the Free National Movement's chaotic convention before the 2017 General Election.

Sands resigned last month after he took responsibility for Americans who disembarked in New Providence while borders remained closed. Minnis called the matter a breach in protocol.

Minnis has since appointed himself minister of health but never shows up to press conferences, is never available to the media other than ZNS and can't answer most questions.

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