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Minnis creates mass hysteria as two new cases confirmed

After boasting of no new confirmed cases of coronavirus in over two weeks, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis revealed today that just days after he reopened the borders, there are two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Grand Bahama and one pending.

For weeks, officials from all quarters asked the “Competent” Authority to reconsider the July 1 opening date but he refused to listen.

Now he has resorted to scaremongering, warning Bahamians that he has to close beaches for a few days because even if Bahamians catch coronavirus and recover, they may drop down dead years later for no reason or may end up with any manner of illnesses like dementia later on in life because of coronavirus.

One viewer questioned, “So beaches are closed this weekend because young people may get pregnant and have blind babies because the ministry of health couldn't walk and chew gum and let immunization lapse while they focused on COVID-19. Did I get that right?”

Another person wrote, “I was too distracted by his wrist adornments to pay attention. Just wish our PM would stay on message and not ramble off so much.”

Bahamians don’t need new restrictions shoved down their throat without reason or a leader who seeks to convince them of his illogical decisions by sowing seeds of doubt and fear. They need a capable leader who makes sound decisions based on facts.

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