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Minnis campaigner hired as NIB Consultant

Staunch FNM supporter and Killarney constituent Lincoln Deal will join TYA member Gabrielle Mckenzie as an overpaid consultant at the National Insurance Board.

Deal did not show up for work on Wednesday and Thursday because there was a big mix up over what department to place him in. NIB Director Nicola Virgil-Rolle instructed Deal to report to the Compliance Department but he refused, insisting he knows nothing about Compliance.

Virgil-Rolle was then instructed by the Board to send Deal to the Facilities Department where there is a vacancy after the contract of a senior person in that department expired but was not renewed.

Insiders at the top say he is making “top dollar”.

Deal, a businessman who lives in the gated West Winds community, is a longtime supporter of the governing party and has campaigned along with his wife for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis in the Killarney constituency.

Deal has also pushed his only son, Lincoln Deal Jr., into politics as a member of the FNM Torchbearers Youth Association with aspirations of becoming an FNM candidate.

It looked like an FNM convention at the younger Deal’s wedding two years ago.

Deal is also rumored to be receiving a big salary, like Gabrielle Mckenzie.

He started the JetLink business venture in New Providence with his son a few years back as a tourist attraction but the jet pack business never really took off. He also took the former government to court over a business license issue.

Despite a freeze on hiring at NIB, in light of the country’s worsening economic situation, National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle is turning NIB into the Babysitters Club, bypassing the hiring process to bring on FNMs in need of jobs.

The hires have infuriated long serving NIB employees who are qualified to fill these positions but are making far less money. They also did not get the opportunity to apply for these new positions before they were filled by political appointees.

Insiders tell the Gallery there is insufficient work in the office of the director to justify hiring multiple consultants. Therefore, these are token appointments as the FNM readies the troops ahead of the next general election.

FNM Chairman Carl Culmer’s wife, Sheena was also hired as a Consultant at NIB in Human Resources despite previously serving as a junior clerk in the Treasury Department.

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