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Minnis asks PLP govt to investigate Shannendon Cartwright

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has secretly asked the new Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government to investigate FNM MP for St. Barnabas Shannendon Cartwright.

Before the FNM’s blistering defeat in the September 16 General Election, Minnis received information that Cartwright was engaged in corrupt acts during his time as Chairman of the Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority.

Cartwright has been accused of receiving kickbacks from contracts he issued. It is also alleged that the FNM MP has hundreds of thousands of dollars squirreled away in a US bank account in his niece’s name.

These allegations were brought to Minnis’ attention when he was prime minister but he chose not to look into them for fear it would be a black eye on the already unpopular Minnis Administration going into the election.

However, after the FNM lost, Minnis urged his acquaintances in the PLP government to look into it.

Preliminary investigations reveal there may be some truth to the corruption claims but insiders do not believe Minnis’ motives are pure.

As one of the seven FNM candidates left standing after the recent election, Cartwright poses a threat to Minnis who is desperately seeking to hold onto the party’s leadership at the November 27 election.Minnis asks PLP govt to investigate Shannendon Cartwright

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