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Ministry of Works Director holding new projects hostage

Senior officials in the Ministry of Works are said to be at odds with new Director of Public Works George Hutchison, whose bullish attitude has hampered major projects and stifled growth in the Ministry responsible for capital projects across the country.

According to sources, Hutchison has refused to cooperate with Minister Alfred Sears and is holding the system hostage.

Consequently, the ministry’s progress has been slow in repairing pothole-ridden roads throughout New Providence and getting new projects off the ground.

The Ministry of Works’ capital budget is just sitting there while the director works against his own minister, according to frustrated staffers.

Hutchison previously served as deputy director, a role he was not popular or effective in. Employees celebrated when he retired in 2015.

However, he has since returned to the Ministry as director after Melanie Roach’s contract expired and was not renewed.

Under Hutchison’s leadership, the Village Road Improvement Project has become a nightmare for the people who live and work in that Eastern New Providence community.

At the start of road works, the ministry said the completion date was September 2022. However, that deadline has changed multiple times over the last five months and the project has yet to be completed.

Another area of concern is Gladstone Road, which has been paved but there is no new tar on the surface and the base wasn’t prepared properly.

Employees fear that nothing will continue to happen in the Ministry until Hutchison starts supporting the Minister and other senior officials.

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