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Minister of Health: Brace for more COVID-19 deaths


New Minister of Health Renward Wells is warning Bahamians to brace themselves for more deaths as a result of COVID-19.

14 people have died from the coronavirus but health officials said three additional deaths are under investigation.

Providing case statistics today,Wells revealed the total number of positive cases now stands at 830; including 69 new cases reported today.

The numbers by island are as follows:-

379 in New Providence

367 in Grand Bahama

34 in Bimini

28 in Abaco

10 in Berry islands

  3 in Cat Island 

  3 in Exuma

According to Wells, there are 719 active cases. 30 of these cases are currently hospitalized.  95 persons have been categorized as recovered, 91 of these from the initial surge.  

In order to be considered recovered, a person must have 3 negative tests.  

518 persons are currently in quarantine, according to the Minister of Health.

Addressing concerns of a shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, Wells disputed the claims of workers and advised that there is no shortage of supplies that would inhibit staff from carrying out their duties safely.  

He added that the supplies are there, but are just not being adequately distributed to frontline staff.

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