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Minister Kwasi Thompson resigns

Minister of State Senator Kwasi Thompson has resigned temporarily, according to a statement from Cabinet Office but the government doesn’t actually say what position he resigned from.

Is Thompson resigning as a senator or as a cabinet minister?

Senator Dwight Sawyer will be sworn in to act in his place, according to the confusing statement. Is Sawyer being sworn in as a Minister of State?

Thompson apparently stepped down to facilitate the business of the Senate during the absence of cabinet ministers in the Senate who are in quarantine.

The entire cabinet was forced to enter 14-day quarantine on Tuesday after Minister of Works Desmond Bannister tested positive for Covid-19.

Bannister says he is asymptomatic and has no idea how he got infected. He took a test ahead of a planned trip to Andros but had to cancel those travel plans when he tested positive.

According to Cabinet Office, Senator Sawyer will step down from his temporary appointment this week and Senator Thompson will be sworn in and resume his duties as minister of state.

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