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Minister hires female friend at Consumer Protection Commission

Executives at the Consumer Protection Commission are fuming over Labour Minister Dion Foulkes’ decision to hire a young and inexperienced woman as Executive Director.

Chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission Philip Beneby is fighting to have newly appointed Executive Director Morgan Gilbert fired, citing her “confrontational” attitude, “callous management style” and her lack of experience, which he warns could result in a “public relations nightmare” for the government entity.

However, CPC insiders tell the Gallery that Beneby is fighting a losing battle as young Ms. Morgan has Foulkes’ full support.

Gilbert has wasted no time making enemies at Consumer Protection by refusing to sign off on her job description, targeting certain CPC employees and submitting a monthly report that accused a board member of “pilfering” $44 from petty cash and four Thanksgiving meals.

In an email leaked to the Gallery, veteran trade unionist Tyrone “Rock” Morris, who serves as a Commissioner at CPC, described the new executive director as a “leprous babbler” and a “dangerous person” who “does not understand English” or “has her head deeply immersed in self promulgation”.

In a letter to Foulkes, Beneby said, “The ED’s management style is callous and insubordinate. It is most disruptive to the functions of the organization. The legitimacy of her knowledge, skills and competencies in the discipline of management is questionable.”

He lamented the lack of consultation with CPC board members before Gilbert was hired, something he called “untenable”.

Beneby has called for an immediate review of Gilbert’s managerial experience, proficiency, training and certification.

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