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Michael Pintard frustrated with Minnis govt; takes time off

Agriculture Minister Michael Pintard is feeling stifled by the Minnis Administration, according to confidantes of the cabinet minister, who say he is so fed up with his cabinet colleagues that he took 10 days vacation.

Since his appointment as Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Pintard reportedly pitched ideas for several projects and initiatives aimed at improving his ministry to the Minnis Cabinet.

However, many of his proposals have been rejected, placed on the back burner or haven’t gotten off of the ground due to government red tape.

After briefly serving as Free National Movement Chairman and standing by Minnis when he was ousted as Opposition leader, by members of his Parliamentary team who branded Minnis “a failed leader”, Pintard thought he would be a valued and respected member of the Minnis Administration.

However, his treatment as a rookie minister has left Pintard feeling despondent. The Agriculture Minister reportedly decided to take some time off to recharge his batteries before he does or says something that may jeopardize his political future.

For all his frustration, Pintard is afraid to make any hasty decisions after finally making it into the House of Assembly following failed attempts to win a seat in past elections.

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