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Marina in Old Bahama Bay discriminating against locals

Locals are being denied service at a marina in Old Bahama Bay that made it clear it will only be serving visitors.

A local boater found this out the hard way on Sunday when he tried to fuel up during a fishing trip near West End, Grand Bahama.

As the group pulled up at a station in Old Bahama Bay, staff informed them that they were not selling fuel to locals adding they are only serving international guests and visiting boaters.

The boaters were outraged and disgusted by the marina’s decision to deny Bahamians service in their own country.

To make matters worse, there is no other station in West End, forcing the group to go elsewhere in search of fuel.

This is not the first time Bahamian boaters have been turned away by local stations. Boaters had a similar experience at a marina in Chub Cay.

They want the government to get tough with marinas in an effort to end this discriminatory practice.

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