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UPDATE: Police searching for gunman in Nassau Village killing

UPDATE: Police searching for gunman in Nassau Village killing

A small vehicle was lurking in the Nassau Village area on Tuesday night as if looking for someone before the driver stopped on the intersection of Hog Street and Lawson Avenue after 8pm Tuesday, a gunman jumped out and opened fire on a man standing on Forbes Street.

The victim, who is believed to be in his mid-twenties, was found lying facedown on the ground.

Paramedics were called to the scene and pronounced the man dead.

Bloodshed in Nassau Village tonight where a man was just shot to death. The victim was on Forbes Street moments ago when a gunman approached him and opened fire on him, shooting him multiple times.

The man died on the scene. Police have just arrived on the scene and are speaking with eyewitnesses and searching for shell casings.

New Providence has seen a spike in murders in recent days. A man was murdered on East Street South last week. Earlier that day an elderly woman was stabbed to death on Shabback Close and her daughter was rushed to hospital after having her throat slit by a male relative.

Further details to follow.

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