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Man fined for beating up ex-girlfriend

A man beat up his ex-girlfriend after she attacked his current love interest in a jealous rage.

Terez Johnson, 29, pleaded guilty to causing harm to Juno Darville.

Darville allegedly visited Johnson’s home on July 6 and picked a fight with his girlfriend, the court heard.

Johnson stepped in and hit Darville in defense of his woman.

Darville reported the matter to police, resulting in his arrest.

In her complaint, she told police that Johnson punched her about the body, yanked her hair and dragged her on the ground, injuring her knees.

Johnson’s lawyer Ian Cargill said his client was sorry for hitting the woman.

Mr. Cargill told the court, “This wasn’t a situation he went looking for. He was placed in a position where he couldn’t let his ex-girlfriend beat his current girlfriend.”

Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux ordered Johnson, a trucker, to pay a $500 fine to avoid spending six months in prison.

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