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A man stole $9,440 when he accessed an ATM’s vault with a password.

Travis Seymour, 30, claimed that an accomplice provided the codes, which he used to access the Bank of Nova Scotia ATM at Super Clubs Breezes.

Seymour stole $4,040 from the machine on July 28 and swiped $5,400 from the same machine two days later.

Police identified Seymour through surveillance camera footage.

He committed the offenses while on bail for a similar crime.

Prosecutors allege that he stole $233,100 from various First Caribbean International Bank ATMs from

October 2019 to January. At the time, Seymour worked for the company that serviced the ATMs.

That case is still pending.

For the recent theft, Magistrate Samuel McKinney ordered Seymour to repay the stolen cash and fined him $2,000.

Seymour has to pay $6,400 before he can be released from custody. The balance is due by October 1.

Failure to meet these conditions will result in the alternative sentence of one year in prison.

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