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Man charged with trying to kill a woman with his car

32-year-old Ray Latarieo Sands will spend Christmas Day in prison after beating a woman he was involved with in broad daylight then running her over with his car in a heartless attempt to kill her in front of her child.

Days after videos of the incident went virtual on social media, the Jones Heights resident was charged in the Magistrates Court on two counts of Attempted Murder and one count of Exposing a Child to Grievous Harm.

Bail was denied and Sands was shipped off to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. He doesn’t return to court until February 2022.

The incident happened on Monday.

ASP Audley Peters said on the scene, “there was a domestic dispute with this female and a gentleman. As a result of that domestic dispute, the driver of the vehicle came through the street and ran the lady over with the vehicle.

“As he did so, he struck another vehicle.

His vehicle came to a stop and he exited that vehicle and attempted to leave the scene. In so doing, persons in the community were able to accost him.”

The woman was coherent when police arrived on the scene. She is currently in hospital.

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