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Man charged after threat to tear down statues

A man who vowed to tear down statues of Christopher Columbus and Queen Victoria has been charged in the Magistrates Court.

SWAT officers arrested 62-year-old Paul Rolle on July 7 after a video of him urging others to help him topple the monuments was posted on social media.

Officers charged the senior citizen with making use of threatening and violent language— an offence that attracts a maximum fine of $150.

Despite the minor charge, cops refused to grant Rolle police bail and kept him locked up for six days.

As a result, Rolle appeared in court today in shackles.

Rolle, of Minnie Street, denied the accusation when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis.

Prosecutors didn’t oppose his release, pending trial.

He’s free on $1,500 bail until his trial begins on October 21.

Worldwide protesters are toppling symbols of white supremacy, which include statues depicting slave traders, slave owners and colonizers.

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