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Man admits threats to Sebas

A man who made threats against the principals of Island Luck has been remanded.

Police arrested Kenson Knowles, 34, after the expletive-laced threats went viral on social media.

Knowles in on voice note said that he wanted Sebas Bastian to hold the Big Bang event so he “could get bang up.”

In another voice note, Knowles said he was giving Sebas And Adrian Fox a chance to do the right thing before he “dealt with them.”

Knowles pleaded guilty to making threats of death and harm towards Sebas and threats of harm to Fox.

When Knowles addressed the court, he apologized for what he did.

He went on to accuse the businessmen and two musicians of working witchcraft.

As a result of his ramblings, Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis requested a psychiatric report and remanded Knowles into custody.

He returns to court on August 30.

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