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Man accused of shooting at police granted bail

A magistrate on Tuesday granted $9,000 bail to a man accused of shooting at police.

Jason Ferguson, better known by his street names Stutter and Short Man, was on bail for another firearms case, when police shot him during the alleged confrontation at Woods Alley on December 18.

Following his release from hospital, Ferguson, 39, of Woods Alley, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with the shooting and firearms charges

Prosecutors say Ferguson had an unlicensed 9mm pistol and 44 unfired rounds of 9mm ammunition with intent to supply. He’s also accused of possession of a firearm with the intent to put the lives of Sergeant 2056 Edmond and Corporal 3883 Greenslade in fear.

Ferguson pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Forbes granted Ferguson bail over the objections of the prosecutor, who asked that Ferguson be remanded to prison for the safety of the public.

He’s due back in court in May for the start of his trial.

Ferguson has a pending firearm case that dates back to 2018. Police allegedly found two .45 caliber pistols and 39 rounds of ammunition in the centre console of a car that Ferguson was in.

In 2015, Ferguson was acquitted of the 2013 shooting death of his girlfriend Vera Berry and her 14-year-old daughter Indiana Forbes.

Prosecutors alleged that Ferguson shot them in the head and shot himself in the thigh in an attempt to cover up his crime.

For his part, Ferguson alleged that three masked gunmen kicked down the door to his home and killed the females in their sleep.

Ferguson said he was shot during a struggle with one of the gunmen.

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