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Lights out during PM press conference

A pissed off Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis stormed out of his own live news conference to update the country on Tropical Storm Isaias after a power outage left the conference in complete darkness.

The lights went out about 20 minutes into the 8pm press conference at National Emergency Management Agency headquarters.

As officials were providing the latest coordinates on the tropical storm, which is expected to become a hurricane tomorrow, Bahamas Power and Light did what it does best - cut the power.

The entire country is under tropical storm watch.

Minnis, who was clearly embarrassed, had no interest in waiting for BPL to figure it out and peeled out of there in his PM car, leaving NEMA officials in shock.

The local carrying the press conference live quickly cut to commercial until the lights came back on.

The press conference had to continue without him.

BPL had a horrible summer last year with daily blackouts. This summer has already seen several power outages including this morning. Tonight it proved to be a huge embarrassment for the PM.

Meanwhile, the public is still awaiting the prime minister’s promised investigation into the decision to wipe out BPL’s entire board.

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