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Law firm’s suit exposes FNM corruption

A lawsuit aimed at protecting the reputation of Water and Sewerage Chairman Adrian Gibson had the unintended consequence of revealing how corrupt he is. Ironically, Gibson had instructed Halsbury Chambers to initiate defamation proceedings against Gregory Miller after Miller accused him of corruption.

In a shocking turn of events, Gibson tried to use public finances to settle his personal feud with Miller. When the lawyers refused to go along with Gibson’s crooked plan, he refused to pay outstanding fees owed to the firm for collections on overdue accounts.

Cheapskate Gibson didn’t sue Miller personally. Instead, he went to the cops, who charged Miller with criminal libel. Miller has denied the charge and is free on $2,500 bail. He returns to court on July 6.

Gibson is quick to use the police to try to silence critics.

Curiously, the FNM claimed that criminal libel laws were unconstitutional back in 2017 when their hired liar Omar Archer was arrested for ducking his criminal libel case.

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