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Lanisha Rolle dumped by FNM for Maxine Seymour

Disgraced Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle has been kicked to the curb by the Free National Movement for Colina executive Maxine Seymour, who was ratified by the party as its new candidate for Seabreeze.

Seymour was one of two FNM candidates ratified on Tuesday.

In February, Rolle resigned as minister amid controversy over an audit of her ministry.

Questions were also raised about how the attorney could afford to build a mansion so quickly without a mortgage in gated Western New Providence community Lake Cunningham Estates after declaring an annual salary of just over $60,000.

For all it’s talk of transparency, Rolle and the Minnis Administration never gave a reason for her resignation. However, Cabinet Office fueled speculation that something was fishy when it released a statement that said, “Prime Minister the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis has accepted Mrs. Rolle’s resignation. Certain matters have been brought to the attention of the Prime Minister and are under investigation.”

Rolle’s resignation came as a shock to many as she was considered an untouchable member of Minnis’ inner circle due to her unwavering loyalty to the FNM leader.

She was the only woman appointed to the Minnis cabinet in 2017 and was moved from one ministry to the next after she failed to get along with employees.

Despite her resignation, Rolle fully expected to receive the FNM nomination for Seabreeze ahead of the next election. However, her father told reporters she was informed that wouldn’t happen.

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