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Labour Minister’s brother accused of child rape

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

A close relative of three FNM politicians could face a third trial on accusations that he raped a child.

Joseph Foulkes, the brother of Labour Minister Dion Foulkes and Golden Gates MP Michael Foulkes, a landscaper, is accused of raping the 13-year-old girl in 2012.

Foulkes, who is also the brother-in-law of Attorney General Carl Bethel, was convicted in 2015 and jailed for 10 years.

But the Court of Appeal overturned the conviction and ordered a second trial in 2018 and he was freed on bail.

The judge presiding over the retrial that took place in January 2020 threw out the matter after accepting a no-case submission.

Prosecutors have appealed the decision, arguing there was sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to the jury.

The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision on whether Foulkes will be tried again.

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