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Johnson out as FNM chairman gets nomination for Central and South Eleuthera

Hank Johnson, the incumbent for Central and South Eleuthera, has been backstabbed by his own party.

Johnson’s nomination for the upcoming reelection has been withdrawn—and now he’ll be replaced by party chairman Carl Culmer.

Culmer used his close affiliation with Dr Nigel Lewis, the national campaign coordinator, to yank the nomination from Johnson.

Culmer and Lewis are part of a private partnership that is responsible for managing cultural sites for the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation.

This isn’t the first time Culmer has used his position as chairman for his benefit and that of his family.

Culmer’s wife, Sheena, is earning $60,000 per year as a Human Resources Specialist Consultant at the National Insurance Board.

Before that, she earned about $30,000 as a junior clerk at the public treasury, where she was responsible for filing and data entry.

She got the post despite a hiring and promotion freeze at NIB.

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