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Jitney involved in massive mash-up on East Bay Street

Traffic on East Bay Street was backed up for miles on Tuesday afternoon following a two-car collision involving a jitney and a Honda SUV.

The extent of passenger injuries was unclear immediately after the accident, which happened in front of Rubis service station.

The front of the Honda was smashed in upon impact with the jitney, which ran into the gas station yard.

The bus was also badly damaged, with the bumper on the ground and the driver’s door barely holding on.

Police are on the scene investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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Jan 12, 2022

I will not pass judgement until we are given the facts of who was in the wrong. But past experience has taught us that until we see mass casualties on the road of the Bahamas, nothing will change to correct the bad driving and lawlessness displayed by drivers. We see excessive speeding on the roads for no reason, not only from regularly motorist but law enforcement also on a daily bases. The running through stop signs and lights are considered the norms rather than the exceptions. The loud music and the discarding of debris from the moving vehicles is nothing new, we also encourage our tourist to drive in a dangerous manner and to disobey the traffi…

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