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Jilted man broke window in row over sex

A jilted murder suspect hurled rocks through a woman’s window after she denied him sex.

Dwayne Kelly, 28, of Palm Beach Street, was sitting under a tree rapping to Annette Metellus around 8pm on October 13.

She walked off and went inside her mother’s home off East Street when Kelly begged her for sex.

He picked up a rock and threw it threw her bedroom window, causing $683.76 in damage to the window and dresser mirror.

Kelly, whose street name is Rummy, pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

He’s currently on bail awaiting retrial for the 2012 murder of Philario Simmons.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes ordered Kelly to reimburse Metellus to avoid spending one month in prison.

Also, Kelly denied assaulting Metellus and breaking the coronavirus curfew.

He’s been granted $1,000 bail on those charges and will be tried in December.

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